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Want your business listed in the High Desert Firewood Directory?

High Desert Firewood Directory - is full of retailers all over the high desert area servicing cities that fall within the green area of the map. If your locations falls withing the Coverage Map area there is a good chance you can find a retailer to supply you with the firewood you need.

Advertising Information - There are 3 types of listings found in this directory:

  1. Featured Listing: This listing is positioned at the top of the High Desert or Antelope Valley area pages as this position has shown to be a valuable space because its immediate visibility to the visitor. The ad will feature several images of your choice, a short description of what it is you would like to promote, pricing and contact information. It will also link to your Standard Listing.

  2. Home Footer Listing: This listing is in a great location on the Home Page and is also shown to be a valuable location. The ad features an image of your choioce, typically something similar to a business card, and a small description of your business, location and/or special pricing that may be available.

  3. Standard Listing: This listing is a basic listing that provides an image of your choice or one can be created for you. All Standard Listings are accompanied with a Retailer Info page which features an image (of your choice or created), description of your company and/or services. Company contact and location information and company reviews found on the internet (Yelp, Google, YellowPages, etc).

Pricing Information - Pricing packages typically run for the 'Season' which is from September - March but can be broken down monthly depending on demand.

  • Featured Listing: Season:$300 | Monthly: $75
  • Home Footer Listing: Season:$150 | Monthly: $50
  • Standard Listing: Season: Free | Monthly: Free

Disclaimer Information - Yep, the fine print so please read it! By advertising on this site you agree to the Terms of Use. assumes no responsibility and does not guarantee your ad will produce any sales, generate any leads or assist in the growth of your company in any way and is in no way responsible. Ads and ad placement within this site are designed only to create an opportunity for higher visibility which is determined by historical analytic information, research, testing and common sense.