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A reliable source for firewood suppliers & delivery services in the high desert.

Our purpose is to provide a resonable source of companies who provide firewood for pick-up or delivery to consumers in the High Desert region of Southern California. This region most commonly refers to the Antelope Valley and Victor Valley, including the Apple Valley and Lucerne Valleys.

The 'High Desert' often includes areas to the east, such as Twentynine Palms, Yucca Valley and the Morongo Basin. Areas to the North feature Ridgecrest, Barstow, Yermo, Helendale and Lake Los Angeles. By providing these listings we hope to ease the process of locating a seasoned firewood supplier and/or a reliable firewood delivery service.

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We break up the Service Area in two large areas. The High Desert and the Antelope Valley.

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Featured Suppliers

This section hosts our featured suppliers for 2023. Check out these suppliers if they happen to be in your area.

Chimney Inspections, Sweeping and YOUR Safety

Chimney fires can be prevented! Creosote build-up and poor maintenance routine will always lead to a chimney fire or even worse, loss of your home or loss of life. Proper use and care of your wood-burning appliance is extremely important to the safety of your family. Visit our Chimney Sweeps page for more info on this topic and a directory of Sweep, Cleaning and Repair Compaines in your area.

Chimney Fire - Prevention